Fixing a Clogged Garbage Disposal Unit

Garbage Disposal UnitA garbage disposal system’s spinning blades are meant to chew up and break down the food particles into smaller pieces. This way, it is easier for the food particles to flow through the drain pipes. Even the garbage disposal systems that are the most powerful can be jammed and clogged with the sinewy and tough food. Whenever there is resistance to turning, it will result in circuit breaker pops and also the power to the unit gets cut. This will prevent the motor of the garbage disposal unit from burning out. The ultimate solution in such situations is to unclog the jam by turning the blades manually and resetting the circuit breaker ensuring that the disposal works properly again.

Are you facing the issue of a clogged garbage disposal that is making it tough for the garbage disposal unit to function properly? Well, here are the steps that you can do to fix it.

First, you need to turn the circuit breaker that connects the garbage disposal to the main circuit breaker panel off. Now, flip the switch of the garbage disposal that will be mounted on the wall close to the sink in order to ‘on’ it. But, make sure the power is turned off. The disposal must not turn or create a humming sound. Now, turn the switch off and hold a non-contact circuit tester to test if the wires leading to the unit have no current flowing to it.

Check under the sink so that you can see the bottom of the disposal unit. Find out the hole at the center of the unit that will resemble the head of a hex-head bolt. This is nothing but the center shaft of the disposal unit. You need to insert an Allen wrench into this hole and turn it back and forth. Eventually, the shaft will be turned, and this will turn the blades. This has to be done many times until the resistance decreases, and it can be turned in one direction all the way. Then, you need to remove the wrench and push the reset switch of the unit. The circuit breaker supplying power to switch has to be turned on, and it should work properly.

Different Ways for Removing Mold in Home

mold removal remediation

If your home is affected by mold, then you need not worry much as there are so many options to have it removed. Following are some of the methods for mold removal in Dallas. Professional mold removal services may use more methods, which are not listed here. The absence of any methods does not mean that they are not useful.

Wet Vacuum method
Wet vacuum is a vacuum cleaner that is used to remove water. It can be used to remove the water from carpets, floors and other hard surfaces where water is gathered. Using this wet vacuum, you can remove the dampness and the mold on the wet surface. However, you should use this vacuum cleaner on the dry areas for disbursing the spores around the home.

Damp Wipe Method
Mold is dangerous and harmful when no matter whether it is alive or dead. Damp wipe is a mold removal method that is used on the hard non-porous surface. This can be done by wiping or scrubbing the hard surface with damp cloth or brush. You can use water or detergent for this type of cleaning. More importantly, you should dry the cleaned surface quickly as possible. Otherwise, the mold can grow in that area again. When using detergent or chemicals for damp wipe method, you need to read the instruction the product label. Some chemicals may be very harmful, and hence you need to take proper precautions.

HEPA Vacuum method
HEPA vacuum can be used as part of the final cleanup process of the areas during the mold remediation process. HEPA vacuum cleaner has great potential to remove even the minute dust particles and spores. You can use this vacuum to clean all the areas of the home so that the dust and spores dispersed around your home during mold remediation are thoroughly removed.

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