Various designs of portable restrooms

designs of portable restroomsHiring portable restrooms is a wise option for an outdoor party that tends to prevent the frequent visit of the crowd in one’s home. The facilities are growing much for our convenience. You can hire a portable restroom as per the event that you throw in various styles to meet the needs of the gathering. Various kinds of portable restrooms that you can implement are as follows.

Standard units

This type of restroom is a good option for a bachelor or bachelorette party. It holds a single urinal, holding tank, TP dispenser as well as hand sanitizer but do not contain any commode. With no whistles and bells, these are best to meet just the basic needs of the guests.

Enhanced units

Here, you will be getting a sink with a proper supply of water (cold or warm) as per the requirement of the guests. One can find proper lightening, paper towel, sanitizing soaps as well as a mirror to meet the need of the guests. This would work best for a family reunion or small celebration that do not welcome extra people.
Luxury units
It is a luxurious restroom that can remember you of a restaurant in or an elegant hotel. Here, you will have extra facilities like cold and hot water running, separate entries for female and male, baby changing stations, attractive flooring, crown molding, wall-mounted flat screens and fresh flowers. You must appoint someone to keep a regular check on the facilities that are supplied in abundance from time to time so that guests are no troubles after entering the room.
Now, after talking about the restroom, we shall not forget about discussing the fees that will be charged for renting portable restrooms. You will be charged as per the model you hire and the facilities you put like flowers, sanitizers, tops and flooring and many more.
Now, before you give an order, you must order it as per the capacity of your event. For example, you can hire one restroom for 25-40 people. Thus, calculate and hire the restrooms as per the number of guests attending your party. This would save your money too.
Porta potty rental prices may sometimes prove expensive to you, but it is a concern for your guests, and it is not a bad thought to hire a portable restroom rental. Try to implement it as per the budget and the guests of the event.

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